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Welcome! to Cloud Nine Apps


I am, Nitin Patil, the Founder of Cloud Nine Apps, LLC. I have a strong background of 20+ years in designing and developing Enterprise software applications in multiple domains. I have spent many years working closely with application end users in building applications that will provide value to them. With Cloud Nine Apps my goal is to bring this experience to mobile applications. Our primary focus is to develop quality mobile apps for consumers and smart home solutions; apps that are simple yet deliver good value to the users.

A few years back I started looking into Smart Home out of interest and soon I started building Smart Home solutions that delivered value. Over time, I had opportunities to share my limited expertise with a few other people and that made me believe this is an area that is worth putting more focus on.

I look forward to contributing and providing our users with value added apps and Smart Home solution guidance. And, I amd quite excited about this journey!

Thank you -- Nitin Patil, Founder

What's new?

We are excited about the launch of our new course: Smart Home - Beyond The Buzz.

Learn how to setup a Smart Home from scratch, commonly used Smart Devices and Smart Hub along with useful tips.

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