AWS CloudFormation Deep Dive

AWS CloudFormation is a key service when it comes to automating AWS deployments. Be it a simple stack with a couple of resources or complex stacks that are deployed to multiple AWS regions and accounts, CloudFormation provides several useful capabilities like reusable deployment templates, powerful CLI, automatic change detection, rollback, resource dependency management, parallel deployment, and many more. This course will set a solid foundation for anyone working with AWS deployments in understanding CloudFormation core concepts to hands-on experience in deploying simple to complex stacks along with several best practices and tips.


Course Overview

Following is an outline of the course.

  • Overview of AWS CloudFormation (CFN)
  • Best practices and tips for using CFN in real-world deployments
  • Deep dive into CFN with detailed examples
  • Advance CloudFormation topics like Nested Stacks, StackSets, Custom Resources and Macros

Note: This course is about building skills for automating and managing real-world AWS deployments. It is not geared towards any specific certification although it may help in solidifying some of the concepts that you may find helpful for certification.

Primary Audience

  • Application Architects
  • Cloud Deployment Designers and Practitioners
  • DevOps
  • DevOps Engineers
  • QA
  • Operations


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