Word Mess


Word Mess is a word skill game. Fix the word mess and guess the correct word to score. Play individually to sharpen your word skills or play as a group for even more fun. It is meant for all age groups. Whether you have smart kindergartners or adults, everyone can learn and have fun playing this game.

It challenges the player with three levels in the increasing order of difficulty.

  1. Basic Level: Gets you going with simple words.
  2. Adventure Level: Feeling adventurous? That’s exactly what this level is for. Take this adventure ride and see for yourself.
  3. Challenger Level: Wait! Are you still looking for more challenge? Try the challenger level to put your word skills to some serious test.

The game keeps track of your score for as long as you are playing. And, of course, you score more at the higher levels.

How to play?

Word Mess is really easy to play and it can be played on any Amazon Alexa enabled device (including the FREE Alexa mobile app). Use the following commands to get started. Say help (highly recommended for the first time players) at any point to get a quick guide of the game.

  • Enable the Word Mess Alexa Skill.
  • Start the game.
    Alexa, play word mess
    Alexa, open word mess
    Note: The game will begin with a message – Welcome to Word Mess. If you do not hear this, make sure you have entered the right Alexa skill.
  • Choose a level. It is recommended to play the initial couple rounds on level one to familiarize with the basic game usage.
    level one
    (You will now be presented with a random messed up word.)
  • Guess the word.
    is it <word>
    Note: Say repeat to repeat the question and hold to wait for some time.

As easy as that! The game gives you an opportunity to continue playing and it also tracks your score across all rounds for a game session. So, what are you waiting for? Fix the word mess and enjoy the game!

Game Commands

Following is the list of commands and their purpose.

Command Purpose
cancel or stop It prompts to stop the game.
give up It reveals the correct answer.
help It tells a quick help and highly recommended for the first time players.
hold It pauses the game for a few seconds.
is it
It is used to answer a question. For example, is it crew?
level It is used to choose a game level. For example, level one.
Learn about the new features and enhancements in the latest release.
It is used to choose a play mode. Say play continuously for a continuous play mode or play normal to go back to the normal mode.
repeat It repeats the question.
score It tells the current score.

Game Shortcuts

You may find the following shortcuts useful, especially once you have mastered the basic game usage.

Shortcut Purpose Sample Usage
Alexa Say Alexa any time to interrupt the game or when Alexa is speaking.
  • When Alexa is reading out the question
  • When you have paused the game and want to answer
tell word mess level number A quick way to directly open the game at the specified level. tell word mess level one


How do I add the Word Mess skill to Alexa?

Follow these simple steps.

  • If you already have an Amazon account, enable the Word Mess Alexa Skill and follow the steps to grant permissions.
  • If you do not have an Amazon account, follow these steps.
    • Select your preferred country on Amazon’s site.
    • Select Your Orders->Start here and go through the screens to complete the account registration.
      Note: The sign up process may prompt you to enter the credit or debit card details. Please provide valid information. The basic Amazon account sign up is FREE.
    • Once your account has been validated, enable the Word Mess Alexa Skill and follow the steps to grant permissions.

Once the skill is enabled, you will be able to play it on any Alexa enabled device including the FREE Amazon Alexa mobile app (iOS | Android).

What devices can I play this game on?

It is recommended to play Word Mess on one of the Amazon Echo devices for a more optimal experience. However, you can also play the game on the FREE Amazon Alexa mobile app (iOS | Android). If you are looking for recommendations on the Amazon devices, check out our recommended Amazon devices.

What’s the best way to begin playing?

Word Mess is really simple to play. Following is the recommended way to get started.

  • Say play word mess or open word mess to start the game.
  • When you begin the game, it will prompt you to say help for a quick guide and choose a game level. We highly recommend for the first time players to go through the help. It’s quick and will improve your gaming experience.
  • Once you choose a level, it will prompt you with a messed up random word. Fix the word mess and guess the correct word to score. We recommend to start with the basic level to familiarize yourself with the game and then gradually move towards higher levels.
  • Like many other Alexa skills, be patient and speak clearly when playing.

That’s it! The game will keep track of your score and tell you the score at the end of each round.

I said ‘Word Mess’ correctly. But, Alexa does not understand it or it seems to be starting some other game. How do I fix this?

This problem typically happens due to Alexa not interpreting speech to the correct text. This is not something that we can control directly. The Word Mess game will begin with a message – Welcome to Word Mess. If you do not hear this message or Alexa starts a different skill, please do the following.

  • Say cancel to exit the current game or skill.
  • Say play word mess or open word mess slowly and clearly to see if that helps.
  • If this does not help, please send us feedback.

Is it a paid game?

Word Mess is a free game and it does not contain any advertisements.

Who can play this game?

Word Mess is targeted for all age groups. It is a really simple and fun game that you can play individually or as a group. Keep in mind that higher levels could be more challenging even for some serious word game enthusiasts.

Is this game kid safe? Which words does it use?

Yes, the game is kid safe. We try our best to filter out any inappropriate words from the list and we update it from time to time. If you come across any inappropriate word, please send us feedback.

How does the game score and how can I find my score?

Word Mess uses level based scoring. That is, the higher the level, the more you score for each correct answer. It will automatically tell you the score at the end of each round. In addition, you can always say score to find out your current score.

Do you store the score across multiple games?

At this point, Word Mess does not store the score across multiple game sessions. However, it does track score within the same session. So, as long as you are playing the game, it will continue to track the score.

Does the game differentiate a good score from a not so good score?

Just play the game and find out for yourself! 🙂

I think I said the correct answer. But, it still says wrong answer. What am I doing wrong?

Alexa Skills use Natural Language Processing (NLP), which at times may not be able to understand the accent or the way the word was pronounced. They continue to make improvements in this area. But, you may run into this issue. Try pronouncing the word differently a few times and see if that helps. If you experience this quite frequently, please send us feedback.

Can I just keep playing the game and see how high I can score across all the rounds?

Absolutely. At the end of each round, the game will prompt you to continue. You can continue playing the same level or even choose a different level. The game will keep track of score and tell you the total score till that point at the end of each round.

The game is prompting me to give permissions. How do I do that?

This is a standard Alexa skill behavior and is not specific to Word Mess. It is prompting you to give permission because the game can be played by children under the age of 13. In order to give permissions, go to the home screen of the Alexa app on your mobile and follow the instructions to give permissions. If that does not work for some reason or as an alternate way, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the Parental Consent Portal and login with the same Amazon account in which you have the Amazon Echo registered.
  • Choose an appropriate profile from the list and follow the steps shown on the screen to grant permissions.

What are the recommendations for using this skill in a formal setting (such as, a classroom)?

Here are some general recommendations. Please feel free to improvise.

  • Prefer using an Amazon account associated with the organization instead of a personal account.
  • Use skill only in the presence of a supervisor or an instructor.
  • The skill does not require any personal data to operate. Hence, avoid saying any personal information when responding to skill’s questions.
  • A good way to use this skill in a formal setting is to either nominate a single person who would interact with the skill on-behalf of the group or take turns. You can also choose to do a combination of both, as appropriate.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. Just like any other game it does take some time to learn how to play the game. Don’t rush!
  • Turn on the Alexa device only for the duration of playing the game and switch it off after that.

How do I give you feedback?

Do you love Word Mess? Please rate Word Mess and give your comments. If you have other feedback to share, please send it to [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.