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C9 Variables (Free)

C9 Variables

Use variables to make smart reusable content.

Whether you are a webmaster, web developer or a content editor, it is crucial to author content in an efficient manner. On top of that, we often run into duplicating content in multiple places, which is harder to maintain. Think of things like your product features, promotion codes. Not to mention those stale links!

C9 Variables makes it easy to manage such content and more.


C9 Variables Pro (Paid)

The Pro plugin makes content management even more simple and fun! It provides all the capabilities of C9 Variables and much more. Do you keep reusing some content more often than others? Great! Make it a favorite. Do you prefer to use the most recently used content more often so that you can finish related things in one go. Use our simplified settings to make it easy to locate the most recent content authored in the form of variables. And, we will continue to add more productivity enhancements. Who says content editing cannot be fun?