Smart Home – Beyond The Buzz

Course Description

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Did you ever wonder whether a Smart Home is just a buzz or for real? What is it? Does it bring any value? There is too much information on the Internet. But, how to get started? If you could relate to any of these questions, this course is for you. We will cover Smart Home setup from scratch – right from planning and budgeting to key concepts. This will be followed by an overview of Smart Hub – the brain of Smart Home. Next, we will dive into commonly used Smart Devices, SmartThings Hub and useful Smart Home scenarios. This will also give a general idea on how to use other Smart Hubs. Continuing our journey to a smarter home, we will go over integrating Amazon Echo with your Smart Home. The course will wrap up with tips on how to manage Smart Home more efficiently. Additionally, the course resources will provide common Smart Home product recommendations that I have found to be useful. Last, but not the least, this course is developed by an actual Smart Home consumer for other consumers.

Target Students

  • Smart Home beginners
  • DIY Home Automation enthusiasts
  • Smart Home Professionals looking for consumer-oriented guidance

Course Goals

  • Build a good understanding of Smart Home concepts
  • Plan and set up a Smart Home from scratch
  • Set up typical Smart Devices
  • Set up and use SmartThings Hub and have a general idea on how to use other Smart Hubs?
  • Set up common Smart Home scenarios
  • Set up Amazon Echo integration with Smart Home
  • Tips on managing a Smart Home
  • Common Smart Home product recommendations