Cloud Computing & Amazon Web Services (AWS) Overview

Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way infrastructure and other computing resources are managed and it continues to expand its horizon in the application world. Yet it remains as a mystery to many IT and Software professionals. The intent of this course is to give a practical introduction to Cloud Computing along with some hands-on experience using Amazon Web Services.


Course Overview

Following is an outline of the course.

  • Overview of Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to commonly used Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Overview of Best Practices in Cloud
  • Overview of DevOps

Note: This course is about a practical approach to cloud. It is not geared towards any specific cloud certification although it may help in solidifying some of the concepts that you may find helpful for certification.

AWS Services Covered In This Course

Following are the specific AWS Services covered in this course.

  • IAM
  • VPC
  • EC2
  • RDS
  • S3
  • Lambda
  • CloudWatch
  • Route 53

Note: This course covers many more aspects around application design, development and deployment. It focuses on these services to build a strong foundation for working on AWS.

Primary Audience

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • DevOps
  • Operations

What are our students saying about the course?

“An excellent course that gets your started on AWS. This course covers the fundamentals that anyone one would need to start creating apps in AWS. What I found different than other such material was the focus on security, cost and best practices. Highly recommend every developer and DevOps person that is getting started on AWS to go through this course!”

— Yogesh D, Senior Software Developer

“The course is excellent for a beginner to intermediate level learner to make basic understanding and to get familiar with basic terminologies of AWS Cloud Computing. Course contents are very well organized with step by step explanation of key AWS resources/services. Demo for creating various AWS resources is really helpful for a beginner. Tutor also explained various best practices to keep in mind while dealing with AWS resources. Looking forward for advanced courses to gain more knowledge on AWS and DevOps.”

— Praveen T, Senior DevOps Engineer


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