Bloggers can help users save money

That’s right! If you are a DIY blogger or someone who makes product recommendations, you can help your readers save some money as well, using the FREE Shopping Guru mobile app. It helps in planning, shopping and saving with Amazon using a novel (“patent pending”) approach that encourages goal driven purchases. Anyone can use Shopping Guru easily and it provides the following key benefits.

  • Align purchases with your goals and organize these into projects using several out-of-the-box templates or create one from scratch. For example, you could set up a project for setting up a home theater, your next sewing project, home garden setup, and so on.
  • Manage ad hoc item purchases for those one-off needs. For example, those batteries that you always need around your home.
  • Shopping Guru will monitor price changes and generate price drop notifications. Buy when prices drop and save money.
  • One-click add to cart functionality to make it convenient to buy items.
  • In addition, there are several other useful and convenience features like the budget estimate, a Savings Dashboard, Colored Themes, etc to give users a more optimal and personalized experience.

It’s that simple!

“As a DIY homeowner I have done several projects over years and I do the majority of my shopping on Amazon because of the number of choices and their fast delivery. However, the challenge was I just did not know what all I should buy and I wished there was something that gave me a jump start. Over the years as I helped other members in the community, I sensed this is a common problem and that’s when I thought to have an app that provides a template-based approach will be helpful to many people. The template can guide on what all you should look for. Of course, the actual items bought may be different from person to person based on prices, aesthetics and other criteria. But, at least it will give a good starting point. Secondly, because Amazon’s site has frequent price changes, it would be nice if there were a way to track price drops and save money. I put these ideas together and Shopping Guru was born. Just during the development of the app itself, I could easily save a couple of hundred bucks!”  — Nitin Patil, Creator of Shopping Guru

How to use Shopping Guru in your blog to help your users save money?

1. Set up a Project in Shopping Guru that you would like to recommend to your users.

  • Install the Shopping Guru app (iOS | Android).
    • If you are using the app for the first time, please review the quick tour. There are demo videos available as well.
  • Create a project. Choose from several out-of-the-box templates or create from scratch. You can also suggest a common template to us from the Settings tab.
    Tip: You can customize the search by using more specific keywords. You can also add specific items.
    • Use Recommended Items that one must buy, in general.
    • Use Optional Items for nice to have items.
    • Add any Custom Items that your users must buy, but were not included in the template.
    • Optional: Delete any unnecessary items.
  • Save your project and go back. You should now be able to see the newly added project on the list.

That’s it! You are now ready to make a recommendation to your users.

2. How to make a recommendation to the users in your blog post?

Your loyal readers rely on the information you provide to them. By sharing the recipes for your Shopping Guru projects, you can not only guide them to make purchases of specific items quickly but also help them save some money. Following are some guidelines for preparing the recommendation content. Please feel free to tweak based on your needs.

  • Take a screenshot of the “Edit Project” screen.
  • Capture the keywords and/or specific item ASINs that you have used.
  • Present this information at a suitable place in your blog post, such as a “Steps to create your project” section. Here’s a link to my post that shows a recommendation for your reference.

3. What do your users need to do?

  • The users will install the Shopping Guru app (link).
  • They will set up the project just like you. Feel free to use the steps from the previous section.
  • Once the project has been saved, Shopping Guru will start tracking price changes. It will even track price changes in the background when the user is not using the app.
  • Amazon’s site has frequent price changes. Shopping Guru will generate notifications when the price drops. The user can buy at this point and save money. Shopping Guru offers a one-click add to cart experience, which makes it very convenient for users to buy multiple items in one go. Don’t worry, they still have the flexibility to make any changes to the cart, such as changing item quantities or buying something that they just remembered. All the purchases are done directly on Amazon’s site and this gives your users the same experience that they are well familiar with.
    The user does not have to buy everything in one go. In fact, one of the highlights of Shopping Guru is to be able to estimate the budget and plan your purchases better. They can always come back to the project and buy any pending items.
  • Once an item has been purchased, they can mark it so that Shopping Guru will track any savings as well as only include the pending items for adding to the cart next time.
  • And once all the items in a project have been bought, the user can simply mark the project as completed. Mission accomplished!
  • Use the Savings Dashboard to track the savings.

Quick FAQs

How does Shopping Guru work? Do my users incur any cost for using the app? Any fees, charges, whatsoever.

The short answer is ‘No’. Shopping Guru app is available for free. The way Shopping Guru works is it uses affiliate links and we do make a small commission on any purchases made via these affiliate links. However, that comes at no additional cost to the users. That is, the users do not pay more because they are using the Shopping Guru app.

I host a blog that is read by users all over the world. Is Shopping Guru available in multiple countries?

That’s great! Shopping Guru is currently available in the following countries.

  • US
  • UK
  • India

Where can I find more information about Shopping Guru?

Please visit the Shopping Guru home page for details including demo and more FAQs. If you still have questions, please feel free to Contact Us.


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