C9 Variables and C9 Variables Pro V1.0.0 Release

Content makes the Internet click. As content authors we all strive to offer the best to our end users, to keep it interesting and useful. But, let’s face it. Content Management is a challenge. Often we end up duplicating content in many places and then hustle to keep it updated. Not an easy task. What if we could modularize content in a way that’s reusable and easy to maintain? Sounds like a dream? Well, it’s about to come true now. Our latest release of Content Management WordPress plugins – C9 Variables and C9 Variables Pro makes it easy to manage reusable smart content so that you can use your time for more important things – building interesting and useful content for your end users.

Announcing launch of C9 Variables and C9 Variables Pro

C9 Variables (Free)

C9 Variables

Use variables to make smart reusable content. Whether you are a webmaster, web developer or a content editor, it is crucial to author content in an efficient manner. C9 Variables makes it easy to build modular content that can be reused and managed efficiently.
Check it out now.

C9 Variables Pro (Paid)

The Pro plugin makes content management even more simple and fun! It provides all the capabilities of C9 Variables and much more. Mark favorites and customize variable lookup order. Who says content editing cannot be fun?
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Some Usecases

Lets put things in perspective. Here are some examples of content reuse where these plugins can be useful.

  • Repeating common content, such as, product features across multiple content on your site, such as, blog posts, product pages, etc. (See Demo)
  • Content like promotion code that keeps changing and you want to make sure the links always use correct and latest codes. (See Demo)

There are also other interesting scenarios for using Variables.

  • Content promotion scenarios, where things like link URLs change, but rest of the content remains the same. Example, promoting content from development or staging to production. (See Demo)
  • Likewise content that needs to be kept ready in production but not made live until the release date. Yes, sort of like a magic button! (See Demo)

As you can imagine, this list can be quite huge in reality because content can be authored in many different ways.


A case in point is this post itself where I will show you the features supported by these plugins. But, instead of repeating the content, we will simply reuse – you guessed it right, the contents from the product pages. These contents have been organized into Variables.

C9 Variables Features

  • WordPress Admin
    • Add/modify/delete up to 10 Variables
    • Support for WordPress built-in roles: Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber (see details)
    • Page/Post Editor Enhancements
      • Integrated Editor button to lookup and insert a Variable
      • Organize Variable list by title
      • Use selected Variable in the post/page via a convenient shortcode
    • Settings
      • Debug Mode: On/Off (default: Off)
      • Anonymous Usage Tracking: On/Off (default: Off)
  • WordPress Public
    • Replace Variable value when showing the post/page

C9 Variables Pro Features

  • WordPress Admin
    • Unlimited Variables
    • Mark favorite Variables
    • Page/Post Editor Enhancements
      • Variable lookup supports searching by favorites
      • Variable lookup supports sorting results by Last Used or Title
      • Variable lookup supports pagination and configurable page size
    • Settings
      • Default Variable Sort Order: Title, Last Used (default: Title)
      • Number of Results per Page: 10, 25, 50 (default: 10)

And, this is just the beginning! We will continue to add more productivity improvement features and hope that you find these plugins useful.

Happy authoring!
– Nitin

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