A few months back I decided to do a relaunch of CloudNineApps site. All I was looking for was

  • a fresh look and feel
  • a platform on which I can continue to serve content to our users more quickly (things like courses, blogs, etc)
  • easy maintenance

Being a developer and having built several content management solutions in the past, choosing the option of technologies and platforms I was familiar with was an obvious choice. However, I decided to take a plunge and pick something new. I had read cursorily about WordPress and doing a bit more research grabbed my attention. And, I decided to learn more. I did my initial set up and porting of existing website fairly quickly. But, as I played more with the tool I started seeing more and more value. For anything, you may want to do chances are high that there is already an existing theme or plugin and the community support is fabulous. But, that’s not it. As a developer, it opens up a world of possibilities to provide solutions that can add value to the users. And, that’s precisely where I am. I started as a consumer of this excellent platform. But, I see this as a start of the journey. And, I look forward to building more value-added solutions.

Stay tuned!
– Nitin

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