Announcing Launch of 2 AWS Courses – Cloud Computing & AWS Overview and AWS Advanced For Developers (Beta)

AWS Courses
Cloud Computing & Amazon Web Services (AWS) Overview

I am glad to announce the launch of two AWS Courses that focus on a practical and hands-on learning. I have tried to condense several years of cloud experience and I am really looking forward to see others benefit from these. Here is a brief overview of these courses.

1. Cloud Computing & Amazon Web Services (AWS) Overview (FREE)

Although Cloud Computing has been around for over a decade now, many people are still not familiar with it, especially to the level where they can use it effectively in their projects. The intent of this course is to give a practical overview of Cloud Computing and commonly used Amazon Web Services (a.k.a. AWS). As part of this, we will also address how to approach running your applications in cloud and various best practices. This course will build a foundational understanding. You don’t need to know anything about cloud to take this course. And, if you already have some experience with cloud, this course may still enhance your learning by giving you a more practical overview. Anyone who wants to learn about cloud and AWS can take this course.

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2. AWS Advanced For Developers – Beta (Discounted)

Whether you are completely new to AWS or have some experience working with it, you may have various questions on how to get your application up and running in AWS. Here are some typically encountered questions.

  • I understand what AWS is. But, where do I start? We are on a tight timeline.
  • What are some design time considerations for deploying my application in AWS?
  • I heard that I can easily scale resources. How does that work and how can I use it for my deployment?
  • We are on a quite stringent budget. I want to make sure we do not have a sprawl and result in a big bill. But, I am not sure how exactly to approach this?
  • Which AWS services should I pick?
  • How will I be able to connect to AWS from my development environment?
  • What are some key security areas and how to approach these in AWS?

And many more…

You may have a brand new application or an existing one. This course will give you a solid foundation for designing, developing and deploying highly scalable, secured and fault-tolerant AWS deployments in a cost-efficient manner. The primary audience are developers, architects, DevOps and any other professionals interested in AWS and DevOps. We are doing a beta launch to get an early feedback. The beta has full course material. It is heavily discounted and you will continue to have access to the course post public launch and any future updates. We are taking limited registrations only on a first come first serve basis.

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Welcome to a practical and hands-on learning and I look forward to your feedback.

Happy learning!
– Nitin


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